3DCG 2002-2008

A cut of 2002-2008 semi-randomly selected 3DCG works.

This is not promotion show-reel and depict a time period not the best works.

Disclaimer: material rights to some of content displayed in this video may belong to third parties. Said content is displayed here with a sole purpose of illustration of author’s work.
Music: “Secret Conversations”, The 126ers.

“A Window”

3DCG, 2003

Being a nearly impossible goal for a long time, I was dreaming of the day when “faking” natural light effects and behavior of materials wouldn’t be the only way to approach something resembling photo-realism. That there would be a way to simulate these things based on effects of real world physics. And finally I’ve got a chance to try Mental Ray for Maya, that had some approximation to real world light physics. Of course it still wasn’t really usable on available resources due to computation requirements, but it was an exciting hope for the future.

In the image above, there are multiple layers of “glass” in the window and the only light source is outside of the room.